UA MEPN 2017

  1. It's never too early to start talking! I'll be applying this fall for the 2017 cohort. Who else is applying? Are there any current or recent alumni that can give their insight on the program? What will the interview questions be like?
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  3. by   mepnaz
    I will be applying. Hoping for the Tucson location. I'm going to meet with an advisor in July or August to go over my prereqs and GPA.
  4. by   az827

    Thanks for responding. Share any info you receive. It looks like they have made changes for the 2017 class. Perhaps making it more competitive due to the overwhelming applicant pool. The personal essays were replaced with the HESI A2 standarized assessment test. This created a shift in the admission score evaluation; prerequisite GPA being worth a little less and the HESI being worth a bit more. I attended an application workshop in Dec. of 2015 but due to this restructure, I may attend one this August.

    Good Luck!
  5. by   FutureNurse_Nae
    Hello! I will be applying as well. I view one of the threads from last year and it seemed the deadline was Dec. 15th. On the program website I believe I saw Jan. 15th for the 2017 cohort. Is this true?
  6. by   Methylbutane
    I will be applying this year as well. I selected Tucson as my preferred location. I will be submitting my application hopefully at the end of the month.
  7. by   az827
    Yes, it is true! They pushed back the application deadline for this cohort. It is now Jan 15, 2017. This was to provide adequate time to take the HESI A2.
  8. by   az827
    What was your HESI A2 cumulative score? My cumulative was an 89.

    I contacted advising to see what the averages were looking like, but they said they could not provide any stats at this time on HESI scores and to try back in Dec. However, they did say for the BSN program the scores were averaging in the high 80's, low 90's.
  9. by   amdmsm
    I'm pretty sure the deadlines for the College of Nursing and the graduate application are different, which would explain the discrepancy between December and January. I got a 95 cumulative on my HESI so the averages make me feel better. I'm more worried about GPA though. I finally decided to just try for the Master's program since I have a Bachelor's, but most of the prerequisite GPA averages at the Bachelor's programs I looked in to were close to 4.0. I'm still having a difficult time judging just how competitive this program is as it is much less transparent than ASU for example.
  10. by   az827
    According to the advisor, the MEPN admission averages in the most recent application cycle showed the ranges of 3.55-3.89 (with the average being a 3.7) for prerequisite GPA and 3.56-3.87 (with the average being a 3.69) for the last 60 unit GPA. So, if you fall in those ranges and have a competitive HESI, chances are you will be selected for an interview.

    My current stats include a 3.78 prerequisite GPA and a 3.5 GPA for my last 60. Again, an 89 cumulative for the HESI. However, chances are I will retake the HESI before I submit the application. I know I can score above a 90 if I give it a second try.
  11. by   amdmsm
    Okay thank you for the information and good luck to you! Now if I could only figure out the application... Last year there was a place to select Phoenix, a place to input your prerequisite coursework, and a place to fill in your last 60 units. This year, I am having trouble locating any of that, if it even exists.
  12. by   amdmsm
    I actually figured it out. Disregard that comment.
  13. by   Methylbutane
    Who else has taken the HESI A2? What's your score? Have any of you submitted the application?
    Whats your preference Tucson or Phoenix?
  14. by   heythatsmybike
    I took the HESI A2 about a month and a half ago and my cumulative score was 91, although my GPA is much lower than I hoped for to be competitive. My overall GPA is great, but unfortunately, the way it lined up the last 60 units are too hot, but my pre-req grades are excellent so I am hoping they look at the whole thing rather than hone in on the last 60 units only. We will see though. I contacted admissions and they said I wouldn't be contacted for an interview until early spring? That seemed odd to me given that previous threads stated they were contacted in December/January shortly after the deadline to ensure enough time for interviews before the cohort starts in May. Anyone else hear this?