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Hello! Just wanted to see if anyone else is applying to the University of Arizona MEPN program for summer 2016. I just applied a week or so ago and it's going to be a long wait!... Read More

  1. by   trueassessment
    Hi All,

    I was in the previous cohort...excited for the opportunity at UA MEPN. I am a hardworking, good student with good grades before the program. The experience was not what I expected. The teachers were either wonderful or mediocre. The better teachers left for various reasons. The remaining teachers were not prepared to be teachers. There was always a climate of assuming all students would cheat. Also, the assignments were posted in different places instead of one place which was frustrating. Their program shows that they are still working out the kinks. My friend who graduated from MEPN later told me it was the worst experience and would not recommend the program for the same reasons. She didn't reveal that until I left. For those of you with previous CNA experience, you will do well. However, some teachers skim through material or talk fast and do not spend much time in lab. Many students did not pass their skills labs the first time. Is that an indication of the student or how well the instructors teach? I think a better alternative is the CEP, concurrent enrollment program, through Maricopa Community Colleges. You can get either earn a BSN (ASU, NAU, etc) or MSN (@GCU) while paying community college rates and discounted NAU rates for their online courses. Around $13-15K plus books for the entire BSN program. MEPN is 15 months. CEP is 2 years for BSN, an additional 6 months (+ additional tuition) for an MSN. I wish someone encouraged me to look into the CEP program first. My friend left MEPN after the first semester and graduated from Gateway CC with a BSN. She concurred it was the best decision for her. According to her, the experience was awesome compared to MEPN. However, my student mentor at MEPN had a different experience. She struggled but did well. So I guess it depends on your expectations and experience. Whatever your choice, best wishes in your journey.
  2. by   cyclone67
    Quote from Mdallah
    Thank Cyclone67. Do you know the link to the facebook page? Sorry for asking to many questions.
    Look up UA Nursing: MEPN Program

    You will need to join it; it just takes a few hours to get added. Once you get on that webpage, there is a posting that has the link for the Phoenix cohort. You will want to join both of them. Good luck with your housing!
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  3. by   mruth1
    Hi cyclone67! I got a spot in Phoenix! I am wondering about housing (preferably furnished), I asked to join the facebook page a couple days ago but have not been added yet. Is there any information you could forward to me from the page? Does anyone know where most people live during the program in phoenix?
  4. by   medower
    Hi mruth1! I also got accepted into the Phoenix cohort. A lot of people are saying Camden Copper is a good place since it is right across the street from campus, but it can get a bit pricey. I'm currently living at Arcadia Villas, which is about a 15 minute drive from campus, and I saw some other girls say they were looking at Arcadia Cove. I'm not too sure about furnished apartments, though. There is also a Phoenix specific facebook page, it's called PHX MEPN Students 2017. Good luck!
  5. by   cyclone67
    Congrats Mruth1! I also saw a comment about Camdem Copper Square. That one was mentioned by several different people. Advantage seems to be during front loading you are right by campus. And it is walking distance to your campus. Another one I saw mentioned was Siena Apartments; that is 20 minute drive though. The only other things I saw on the general FB page was rooms for rent. If you get on the Phoenix specific page I'm sure there is more information.
  6. by   Madmex15
    Hi guys, Im starting in the Tucson cohort. I'm looking forward to meeting you all at tomorrow's induction. I wanted to give you Phoenix MEPNERS some advice on renting near downtown. A year ago I lived in Phoenix and had to commute downtown for school. I can tell you that rent is expensive near downtown and the apartment complex's know that many student's are looking to rent there because of the law schools, ASU downtown campus and Biomedical campus. Knowing this, the apartment managers take full advantage of that and set there prices high. The good thing is that those apartments are conveniently close. However, if you're looking to save some money I recommend Midtown PHX. the rent range is between $600-$700 plus utilities (internet, electricity, water, netflix = $100 give or take depending on your habits) I used to live in an apartment on camelback, between 7th ave and SR 51. It may seem far on google maps but it's really not. It took me 15 minutes, sometimes 10 minutes, to get to Central and Washington (smack dab in the middle of downtown). I use to pass the Biomedical campus every morning and it took 10 minutes from midtown because 7th ave is a straight shot from Midtown to downtown. Plus, downtown doesn't have many big box stores for groceries, home utilities or clothing. Where I lived, just a leap over the SR51, you have the Biltmore fashion district, apple store, Fry's food, CVS, Cox cable/internet, Best Buy, Whole Foods, Walmart, Nordstrum rack, banks and great restaurants. Also, camelback mountain (hiking/stress relief) was 10 minutes away. Anyways, I just wanted to share some 411 on the area. Best of luck to all of you future MEPN grads. P.S. feel free to copy and paste this info on your Phoenix Cohort Facebook page for anyone still looking. Btw, the apartments where I lived was called Camelback Cove (1bd/1bath $650, clean, gated and quiet).
  7. by   RNinPHX
    Interesting your friend loved it. My friend graduated from the program and she stated if she knew then what she knows now, she wouldn't choose this program. I was in the program and left after a semester. I was disappointed in the program. Not that it wasn't rigorous but the support wasn't there and sometimes was disorganized. It's a newer program and they're still working out the bugs. I am now at Maricopa community colleges getting a BSN through NAU. The program is wonderful and I'm learning and understanding. I had spent so much time writing papers at MEPN UA, that I'd rather have more preparation before going into clinicals. I didn't find some of the teachers very helpful. The fabulous teachers left and the ones still teaching were average at best. I'm paying $16000 for a two-year program at Mesa Community College and love it. It's an extra 9 months but I feel more confident than I ever did at MEPN. Check the attrition rate. I would be interested to see who graduates at the end. Several people left the program before I did. I paid $16000 for one semester at U of A. However many people in the program did very well, albeit, a stressful experience. It helps to have some nursing background like a CNA. Lab skills are taught very quickly and you have to know a great deal of information in a short amount of time for each skill test. At the community college we master skills in pieces. There's open lab and a professor to guide you 4 days a week 7 hours a day. They want you to succeed and they build your confidence. I can't say the same for MEPN. Two of my friends in the classes ahead of me left the program and enrolled for a BSN at Maricopa community colleges. They graduated and loved their nursing programs. I feel we have value for our dollar. I don't mean to discourage anybody from applying. But I do want to provide some food for thought. You have much more opportunities with a masters, but you can also do that while you are working with a BSN.
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  8. by   js2016
    Thank you SO much for sharing this information! The MEPN program should be classified as academic malpractice. Simply put, their methods are negligent. How long did it take you to get in to CEP program?
  9. by   RNinPHX
    I applied and was accepted the same semester. Started the following semester. Sign up for the information orientation at Gateway CC or Mesa CC. Both have established programs. NAU had the least prereqs and so far the teachers have been great.
  10. by   js2016
    I will contact them tomorrow just to explore how their program is set up. I could not be more disappointed in the UA MEPN program.
  11. by   RNinPHX
    Good for you! I chose Mesa CC because several graduates I've met had good experiences. All said they worked diligently for their grades but the pace was manageable and the support is there from staff. MEPN UA is nursing boot camp.. pace is fast. BTW, one last comment. . I didn't know why, but the staff perpetuated a feeling of distrust, openly accusing students of plagiarism or cheating on tests. They use some software to look at your papers.. a certain percentage will have you accused of plagiarism. One year 5 were accused, but how many ways can you rewrite a topic??? My friend who teaches college English said the teachers cannot rely on software. They need to read each assignment, especially if the same topics are assigned. Also you bring your computers to class and take your test. Some students accidentally had other tabs opened. They were not cheating it was accidentally not shut down. They were given zeros. I almost had a zero but my friend next to me noticed my tab was opened. If too many students missed a certain problem on tests then they would change the test points. The teachers realized they didn't teach the topic well or the test wasn't created well. On skills testing many students had to repeat the test. Teachers didn't think it was their fault yet they did not monitor or check for understanding. I didn't understand why they didn't take responsibility. In my current lab, no one failed the skills test. I love there is open lab with a nurse there to help answer questions. MEPN had limited opportunities to practice with confidence in the skills lab. If anyone else has similar experiences I hope that they add to this blog. If anyone else had a great experience at MEPN I hope they add to the blog as well. Sharing experiences would give a balanced perspective. Whenever a new program is created, it'll go through Growing Pains but will get better.
  12. by   kkmm2
    How competitive is UA's MEPN program?
  13. by   nursinghoping
    For those of you who got in, and are currently in the program - what did the school calendar look like? It looks like 2018 classes would start May 14, but are there any breaks between then and Thanksgiving? I know it follows the standard school calendar but there are different stop dates in August (before everyone starts) depending what summer session you look at. Thanks!