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  1. Hello,

    I'm new to the forum so bear with me if this has been asked before.

    I've been an RN for nine yrs. the last six in L&D. I'm wanting to move to Tucson. I've noticed on other areas of this forum that new grad pay is about $24/hr. I was quoted $25/hr(perhaps this is an opening offer for callers?) in a short conversation with an HR person.

    I am hoping for some input from Tucson nurses on the better hospitals to work for and what most nurses with experience are making.

    Thank you for any advice you may have.
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  3. by   cardiacRN2006
    You are being underpaid with that offer. I already make more than that, and I have 8 months experience.

    May I ask which of the hospitals offered you this pay? I have worked (as a tech) in 2 of the L&D's in this town...
  4. by   allpcn
    Thank you for the info. The $25/hr was mentioned in passing by an HR rep. Maybe this is what they are told to quote over the phone. I've been putting out feelers and starting to get some responses, however, I just wanted an idea what RN's with exp are getting paid when it comes time for an interview.

    Thanks again!
  5. by   cardiacRN2006
    I can understand your hesitancy to list your hospital to be!

    I worked in L&D at TMC, and it was actually a good place to work! One of the few area of that hospital that I would ever consider going to (as a pt or nurse).

    St Joes has an excellent reputation for it's L&D as well. I think it is an LDR, so the mom stays in the same room the entire time.

    Not familiar with Northwest's floor, and UMCs seemed a little to clinical for me.

    There aren't very many Tucson-people on this board, so don't think people are ignoring you!
    I wonder where all the Tucson nurses are!?
  6. by   allpcn

    What was it about TMC that you liked on L&D.

    I'm also considering Phoenix, but Tucson is my first choice.

    Please any L&D nurses out there tell me about your hospitals and how your like or dislike your floor.

    Can't wait to hear more
  7. by   NurseZappa
    Hello everyone, I too am looking for some info on the tele floors in Tucson hospitals. I have rec'd an offer from St. Mary's which seems like a decent place to work but the pay is a bit low. I am interviewing next week at Northwest and at UMC and don't know what to expect, any suggestions? Are salaries very negotiable in this neck of the woods? St. Mary's has a 1:4 pt. ratio which is nice, just don't much about them as a whole.
    a bit about me:
    I work on a busy medsurg/tele floor which is the step down for ICU as well as the stroke floor. I have been there for about 9 months and was an LPN for a year before that.
    Thanks and look forward to chatting with more of you in the future.
  8. by   cardiacRN2006
    St Mary's has a 1:4 ratio?? Since when? Not the last time I was there!
  9. by   NurseZappa
    That's what they told me in the interview, is that uncommon for Tucson? They said it was 1:5 for nights. New policy maybe?
  10. by   cardiacRN2006
    I hope that they keep their word.