RSAA Grads - peripheral question

  1. I am starting the CNA program at RSAA tomorrow. They mentioned that we should bring ID, birth certificate and CPR cert, but I completely forgot to ask about what to wear and what to expect for lunch. Is there a cafeteria on site, take out nearby, or should I bring a lunch?

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  3. by   azgirl84
    I went to Rsaa almost 2 yrs ago. When I went there I wore normal clothing until I went to clinicals then we had to wear white pants and an Rsaa scrub top they got us. As far as lunch, they have a microwave and a refrigerator, you can bring your lunch or go get something! Good luck
  4. by   aztova
    How is it going so far?
  5. by   WalldancerNIT
    Thanks for asking!

    I LOVE it. It's mostly review for me as I've been through all of the nursing pre-reqs, but the instructors are fabulous and they take their Boards pass rate (highest in the state) very seriously.

    I would highly recommend this place and think it's a steal for the cost for what I'm getting out of it.