RN wages in Tucson

  1. What do RN's make in Tucson?
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  3. by   cardiacRN2006
    It really depends on the hospital, the unit, and the experience of the nurse...
  4. by   jamonit
    all in all, phoenix nursing wages are a little higher--now a new grad is paid around $25 in phoenix, night diff around $5-6.

    my friends in tucson like UMC, but i think their new grad pay is around $23, if i'm not mistaken...so, add your experience with that as a base.
  5. by   badminton
    You earn $28-29.19/hr as staff nurse II...
  6. by   vivicaq
    Is that at UMC
  7. by   badminton
    Yes.then you get an increase depending on your 1st yr. evaluation.
  8. by   vivicaq
    How would you define staff nurse II. And are the raises fair? who determines them
  9. by   cardiacRN2006
    I think that $28 is pretty low, unless you are new. Hopefully, UMC is paying more for nurses with some experience...
  10. by   badminton
    Staff nurse II is based on your years of experience and qualifications...they have an established criteria for this.the HR people know about this especially your recruiter.better have a good 1st year evaluation from your clinical leader and attend continuing education.They add points too for the much needed raise and all the more,you get paid when you attend them.RNs in UMC work 12 hours/day x 6/biweekly to be considered full time.You also get paid higher when you do overtime especially when you work nights.You can gain more PTOs too.Aside from the base pay,you have benefits that go with it.Per diem and part time nurses on the other hand are paid differently.But I am not sure how they are paid.
  11. by   vivicaq
    Whats your take on the carondelet hospitals?