RIO Micro Online - Do they ever curve tests?

  1. Hi,
    This is the first time I have ever written on here, but I have been lurking out here for some time. I love this site (hi to all).
    I was wondering if anyone is taking Micro at Rio online or if anyone has taken it before and knows if (how do I say this) there is ever a grading curve used for midterms or finals. I never thought of it, but then I saw somewhere on this site (can't remember if it was Arizona or another state forum)that someone remarked "I got an 86 (something like that anyway) and that was before the curve!" about a Microbiology midterm or final (one of 'em).
    I am wondering this because ahhh, well, I didn'nt do so hot on the Micro midterm (like 82.5 - essay portion not graded yet and I suck at those)and it brought my average down to like an 89. That test was HARD! For me, anyway, and I studied my butt off for days besides having read the chapters and doing well on the assignments (no easy feat, believe me, my teacher is tough)...
    So, I guess my question is : Are curves the usual or not at Rio? Thanks in advance...
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  3. by   plchavard
    I have taken about twenty credits at Rio and there has never been a curve. Hope this helps, good luck in micro.
  4. by   xrayrn
    Thanks for answering---I did ok without it actually after the essays were graded, just nervous I guess. I am about one point from an A so I will just have to do better from here on out.
  5. by   CrazyPremed
    I took it this summer and there were no curves. Actually, the teacher wouldn't even tell me what the class average was!!! I wouldn't fret over it, though. You won't lose a nursing offer because you got a B in Micro.