Pima Community College Nursing Spring 2019

  1. Hi guys! Anyone who got accepted for Spring 2019?
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  3. by   Halfadime98
    I got accepted on Wednesday and sent my confirmation email, waiting to hear about orientation now
  4. by   Pinocchi
    Yay! They said we will get orientation info no later than Oct 5!!
  5. by   Halfadime98
    I know I'm just impatient! I've been waiting for so long I wanna do it asap!
  6. by   Pinocchi
    Are you doing CEP? I'm just doing ADN right now. This was my second try and I'm so excited!!
  7. by   Halfadime98
    I'm going to try for one of the CEP pathways but no, right now I'm just doing the adn! This was my third time applying so I'm glad I finally got through

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