Pima Community College Fall 2018

  1. Anyone else apply?
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  3. by   Pinocchi
    I took HESI second time today and applied. But my score is not good so I'm not sure if I would get in this fall.
  4. by   FuturetucsonRB
    What was your score? I took the HESI today at the U of A and turned in my application.
  5. by   Pinocchi
    Are you applying Pima or U of A? Mine was 89. Not good at all.
  6. by   FuturetucsonRB
    I applied to Pima. I had to take the HESI at the U of A downtown annex because all of the PCC spots were full. I applied at the last second due to just moving.
  7. by   FuturetucsonRB
    Well, I hope you get in! I had a 94 composite on the Hesi and finished all of the core and support classes except Micro. Well see what happens!
  8. by   jmg99
    I also applied for the ADN program for the fall 2018! Im super anxious. I got a 90 on the reading a 92 on the math and a 96 on the AnP portion of the HESI.. now worried that wasn't good enough. just incase i dont get in im taking the last pre req's for the BSN program with ASU for next spring. How long do you think it takes to find out?
  9. by   FuturetucsonRB
    When I applied I think they said around two or three weeks from 2/1. I got a similar Hesi score with a 94 composite. I hope we both can get in! I think working towards applying to the concurrent option is a great idea, since you can use those classes for a bsn either way.
  10. by   FuturetucsonRB
    Did you get a notification on getting accepted or not ?
  11. by   Pinocchi
    No. How about you?
  12. by   FuturetucsonRB
    Not yet. I plan on calling soon. I'll let you know asap if they do
  13. by   Pinocchi
    Sounds good
  14. by   Iheartpink222
    They said they are waiting to hear back from the other universities on who was accepted for the CEP program as their policy is to let all students know at the same time. She said it will be another 1-2 weeks before everyone hears