PCH GAPP August 2011

  1. Anyone apply for the GAPP program starting in August? I applied and received a call yesterday for an interview on Tuesday!!

    Anyone who has interviewed and was offered a position, is there anything I should prepare for? Any advice would be appreciated!

    Also we can keep eachother updated on our progress through this journey!
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  3. by   whitecat5000
    I got a call for an interview too!!! I'm sooooooo excited!!!

    She sent an email to me with directions and parking.

    I wasn't told to bring anything, were you?
  4. by   JamesmamaRN
    No she did not tell me to bring anything. I am so excited too! Are you going on Tuesday? I didnt go into detail with her about the position or how many open spots they have, did you?
  5. by   whitecat5000
    Yeah I'm going Tuesday. She said that they are interviewing Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

    I didn't go into much detail. I was too excited to ask many questions!!
  6. by   tlc365
    I am interviewing on WednesdayAM !!!!! I also have a job offer at Lake Havasu Regional in Med/Surg Tele...Oh the decisions to make!!!! My head is spinning
  7. by   JamesmamaRN
    Good Luck everyone!
  8. by   JamesmamaRN
    For those of you who had interviews today - how do you feel it went? Also what area did you interview for?
  9. by   Chechy
    I interview yesterday and I feel the interview went great, however I'll be 3-4 weeks postpartum (second child) when training starts in September so I am not sure if they will see that as an issue. I know the first 4 weeks of training is all classroom traning only, so I won't have to do any physical activities wich will give me 8-9 weeks to recover from pregnancy before we hit the floors, but like I said before I hope they don't see that as an issue since I really want this job.
  10. by   Chechy
    I got a call today. I got the job!!!
  11. by   azrn89
    Has anyone else heard anything? I interviewed for a Med-Surg position last Tuesday, but haven't heard anything yet.
  12. by   MassagetoRN
    I also interviewed in Tuesday last week, and wasn't made an offer. The HR paperwork days were to be today and tomorrow, so I'm assuming I didn't get it. But I am curious that you said you interviewed for med-surg?? I interviewed at 11am on Tuesday and they only had CVICU, PICU, and ED. I would have LOVED med-surg (yes, I AM weird!!!). Are you sure it was med-surg?
  13. by   azrn89
    Yes I'm sure. There were four of us interviewing in our time slot...2 for ICU and 2 for Med-Surg. I believe that they automatically selected the areas for us because I never actually specified Med-Surg. And no you aren't weird haha, I would love a Med-Surg position too!!
  14. by   MassagetoRN
    Thanks for the confirmation! There's another thread under students/graduate nurses about the 2011 GAPP, and 1 or 2 people reported there that they were offered a postition from Tuesday's interviews.