Nursing schools in Arizona?

  1. Hi so I am a student from California who finished 3 years of college. I've been applying for a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing for the past 2 cycles and I've been rejected from all the schools I've apply to (all in California) so now I'm trying to expand my search since I feel like I'm wasting my time as a newly switched Health Science major student.

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend to me schools to look into in Arizona.

    These are the stats for the pre-requisites for Californian schools (i don't know if it's the same for schools in Arizona):
    My science GPA (anatomy & physiology, microbiology): 3.13
    My non science GPA (english, communication, psychology, philosophy, statistics): 3.48
    Current overall GPA: 3.59
    TEAS: 86.7
    HESI: 86.7
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  4. by   futureepinurse
    So, all of the schools in AZ have slightly different requirements in terms of prerequisite courses. Annoying, right? I think ASU tops the list with requirements, but the CEP (concurrent ASN at community college and BSN at one of multiple available universities) programs have a lot too. NAU, U of A, and GCU also have programs.

    You finished three years of school, but you do not have your bachelors correct? There are options available for those with and without bachelors degrees. I would check out those schools and see how many prerequisites you would have to finish before applying to them since it varies so much from program to program.
  5. by   jc109

    Thank you for some ideas.

    I don't have a bachelor's yet. Do you think that a lot of schools will take out of state transfers?
  6. by   futureepinurse
    For nursing schools your residency usually does not factor in either way so you should have just as good of a shot as anyone else! My reason for asking is that l, as I stated, you may find you need additional coursework like chemistry, nutrition, developmental psychology, or pathophysiology amongst others. It really just depends on which schools you apply to. I know at ASU only leftover spots that have not been filled by direct admit from high school students who are now ready to start their nursing curriculum. The number of available seats varies from cycle to cycle. It could be 50. It could be 100. Those students generally have prerequisite gpa's upwards of 3.7 and TEAS in the high eighties into the 90s. On average their acceptance rate is around 40 to 50 percent. I would google the ASU prelicensure advancement guide. Only your prequisire gpa and teas score count towards your score. As for the community colleges, the CEP program is competitive. It is points based (for GPA, previous degrees, hospital experience, Hesi, etc). The HESI scores are usually in the low to high nineties. The point system seems to change almost every app cycle. So for them I would google Maricopa County community colleges CEP nursing. You'll find more info about their requirements. NAU is another option but you often have to commute heavily for clinicals and find your own housing accommodations during those times (aka paying for motels if you don't have friends in the valley to stay with or when you're near the reservation). U of A takes transfer students as well but it comes with a very hefty out of state price tag. Something like 3 or 4 time more expensive for our of state students to attend. If money is a concern, you would wanna look elsewhere. I honestly don't know much about the program at GCU. Since expanding their nursing program they have had recently low nclex pass rates (below national average), but I think adjustments are being made to deal with the growing pains.

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