Need info on Az Assisted Living nursing (LPN)

  1. I have been an LPN for 6 years, working in SNF's, mostly on subacute/medicare floors, but have also spent plenty of time in LTC. I've worked the carts, the desk, and am currently the admissions nurse who is also asked to be unit charge at times. I've worked all shifts from double weekends, to days, nights, 8's and 12's. With two little ones now I am looking for a nursing job that may offer me something not quite as chaotic and incredibly stressful as my subacute floor. I'm not looking for easy work because I know all too well that isn't nursing, but something where I might be able to work and also not feel like I was hit by a truck when I come home. I have yet to meet any nurses who have worked AL, but see plently of facilities in the greater Phoenix area. I live in the west valley (goodyear) but have always working in PV or Scottsdale so I'm used to a drive. If anyone has any insight to help me make a decision as to apply or not, I would really appreciate your time. I would love to get back to school and get my RN but that is not the best option for my family at the moment. It WILL happen, but for now I am making an attempt at being the best LPN I can be until that day comes. (while also being the best mommy I can too)
    Again- any info- THANK YOU!!
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  3. by   SpeeDemonRN
    Be careful. Check out any place that you are considering with the state. A lot of people who live at these places are the chronically mentally ill. I'm a psych nurse and a lot of my most difficult clients live there. I have been to them. Those that have that population are usually dirty, bedbugs and all. If you are thinking about geriatrics only, like with memory care units etc, I recommend a Frontline episode about the assisted living situation in general in this country. It makes the whole thing sound pretty grim but there are some good ones. The episode would give you some pointers on how to evaluate a place when you go there, and the names of a few large companies that are bad news. You can find it on the PBS Frontline page.
  4. by   mom-of-3
    Actually, let me stop you right there. I am and LPN and the Director at a great assisted living that is absolutely nothing like SpeeDemonRN has described. I have amazing resident with amazing families. Not that every place is as great as mine, but there are definitely good places out there.