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I have been accepted into both of these LPN programs. There isn't much difference other than drivng distance for me. One starts in Oct. and the other in Nov. One requires a $2K deposit. So, does... Read More

  1. by   Servingshots
    [quote=azsamantha;4187438]read this book: how to survive and maybe even love nursing school <-- it will give you a pretty good insight about what to expect : )

    i was actually looking to get this book once i get my acceptance...its pretty pricy for a teeny book. can you tell me what you liked best about this book? the ultimate guide to accepted into nursing school and a little less than half is dedicated to what to do once you are accepted into the program so i just want to compare what the difference is. so if you can just highlight what was most helpful to you about this book i would greatly appreciate it
  2. by   bl3sed_w_angels
    I will be starting chm 130 rio online in a few weeks and i wanted to know the initials of any teacher that you could suggest i did look up the initials CH but that class started in january. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. by   Prettypinkbubbles
    You may also want to look into the Gateway Community College part time evening program. It's only offered in the spring placement, but it schedules classes in the evenings, and clinicals on the weekends. I work full time, and have young children at home, and this program is working out perfect!! Good luck!!
  4. by   sai191
    Can I know the exact name of the study guide and how many pages does it have? and the ISBN number
  5. by   HJS27
    According to the 2004 National Sample Survey of Registered Nurses (the survey is conducted every 4 years), the average age of nursing program graduates is currently 32.5, and this average is increasing every year - indicating that more and more students are entering the field after having pursued another career.

    U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration. (2004, March). The registered nurse: National sample survey of registered nurses [Online]. Retrieved from on June 24, 2007.
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  7. by   rawlee58
    I graduated from the NAU Distance BSN Program in Tucson and had a great experience; one that I heard was even better than my friends had at UA. I'd strongly reccommend looking into it!
  8. by   rawlee58
    I took alot of courses through Rio to do my nursing prereqs years ago; Rio doesn't really teach I feel like... it's all regurgitation and work sheets. And the tests are pretty difficult--in part because you are self teaching. Though you won't really use chemistry later in life, I would recommend taking an in person course. And the lab too if you plan on going to grad school.
  9. by   mimua
    I'd like to ask students (or whoever wants to give their views) who are currently enrolled in keiser university in sarasota, florida and southwest technical institute.

    I'm trying to beat the deadline for both school and would like to know how they feel being in a new school for the southwest tech institute. i believe swti just started their pn program this year. what can you say about the program so far? how about the instructors? are they knowledgeable? are they effective?

    how about keiser university?

    both are expensive programs and i want to know which one to choose. swti is first come, first serve but i'm not sure if the teachers are good. great nurses are not necessarily great teachers.

    keiser university is the same thing too. but it does require teas tests and per semester tuition fee is equivalent to a one year LPN program of swti.

    it will be great to hear any idea about my inquiry from anybody. thank you very much!
  10. by   suzannaprz
    I'm planning on applying to maricopa skill center's lpn program. I just want some advice. I have everything except the hesi a2 but I will be taking that soon. I believe it says on their website that there excepting applications in the end of Janurary 2012. I'm sort of nervous about the hesi.. I'm going to be getting a book to study I believe I just need math, reading, language comprehension. But still I'm just naturally nervous. I'm also taking my cna exam in December. My question to anyone who has applied or is going to apply is do they require you to put money down, I'm going to use financial aid. I have read in previous posts that you have to pay at least $2000 apart from financial aid? I just would like to know if this is true so that I will be prepared. I'm a mother of a small child and money matters need to be taken into account. Well thank you for taking the time to read this post. I have faith that things will work out!!
  11. by   laura311
    HI Suzannaprz, I applied to this program last month and if you are using FA like me, the money we will need to put own once accepted which could be a 12-15 month wait is $689. i am going to the Estrella Mountain Skill Center. I had taken the Hesi over a year ago and it wasnt bad at all so dont worry, its all really basic knowledge. Once you apply, just start saving about $75- $100 a month and you will have that down payment by the time you need it Im a mom of two so I know it could be tough but it will be worth it! Good luck on the HEsi
  12. by   suzannaprz
    hi LAURA311... thank u so much for your reply. It really got me over the whole should i go to school or shouldn't I. I'm going to be taking the hesi within the month I have been studying for a few weeks so I should be okay. The book seems easy so hopefully the test is not too challenging. Well thanks and i hope u do great in life!!