Maricopa Community College Applicants!!!

  1. Hey there,
    Wanted to start a thread of who got in this summer and fall for the RN program, even if you are a CEP applicant respond so others can see that if you get in to the CEP you can get in right away! Let put down our Date stamp and if you got in what school you got placed at. Thanks! good luck to everyone!
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  3. by   roxykiss
    Date stamp 04/16/10 got in the program March 20th (2nd placement round) at Chandler Gilbert Community College Accelerated Program starting in May 2012!! Excited it been a long wait!!
  4. by   peterbrasco
    Time Stamp 10/8/10, got in the program February 18th, 2012(Received acceptance email). MCC/NAU FALL 2012. Start in June with NUR 330 at NAU.
  5. by   skeeterkim
    Hey there!!

    My date/time stamp was 04/16/2010 and I was placed on 03/06/2012 in the chandler-gilbert accelerated program begining in May. I am so excited and nervous but very much looking forward to getting started. It was very long wait but worth it!!
  6. by   Kgarcia37
    My date stamp was October 2009. I originally was placed at Gateway evening starting in January, but I did not have my level one fingerprint card so was deferred to this placement. I got placed at Chandler Gilbert Accelerated program for May 2012.

    I am also very excited but nervous because I have heard some bad things about the school/teachers. I am looking forward to orientation next Monday to get more information.