Internal hospital certifications costs. Legal?

  1. My wife recently left her job (she's a nurse) and was told she was required to repay the costs for a certification class she took at the hospital because she did not stay the requisite amount of time at the hospital (1 year). The hospital garnished her wages from her most recent paycheck to offset some of the cost of the class. A friend of ours said that most hospitals do this, but in general it is an illegal action since Arizona is a right to work state. Opinions?
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  3. by   dlmickley
    Sorry to hear that. Was a contract signed ?? Where is it written in Hospital policy that this is their practice, check with human resources.
  4. by   nurseshubby
    Yes, she signed a contract and that may ultimately be the sticking point. However, it is one of those situations where she was hired to work in a unit, but couldn't work in the unit without taking the class, and then had to pay for the class. In most (all?) other industries, a worker's training is covered by the employer. Seems fishy.

  5. by   dlmickley
    It does sound a little backwards ..... requireing certification to work on the unit and not paying for it, but unfortunately as you said the contract may be your sticking point. I work for Banner Health Systems in Arizona, I started out 12 years ago as a NA at a long term care center. Through the years I have been a restorative aide, a health unit secratary, a PCA (A NA who can draw blood and do a lot of things a lpn can do) and now a RN. Banner has paid for all my training and education. The only contract I had to sign was for nursing school, it said I would work for the company for 3 years after graduation. All the oriention classes and certification classes I needed for my unit have been coverd also. Good luck in this matter, check with the HR department as to their policy on orientation cost, maybe even your state board of nursing, again good luck !!