How difficult is CHM130? Good Instructors?

  1. Hello, I am considering going back to school in pursuit of an RN. How difficult are the lectures and labs? Does anyone have any suggestions on Instructors at either GCC or PV? Also is there any opportunities for potential rn candidates to be put on the wating list if they already have a Bachelor of arts? Can you be placed on the list before you complete BIO202&205? It's been years since I stepped foot in a classroom.Any suggestions would be helpful.
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  3. by   JessLP
    There are accelerated BSN programs for people with a bachelors in another field, but having a BA doesn't move you up on the waiting list. You can get on the waiting list without completing BIO202 and BIO205. Only the pre-reqs are required before getting on the wait list.

    Personally, I thought that CHM130 was tough, but doable. I got an A in the lab and a B in the lecture. I took it this summer at SMCC,
  4. by   club space miami
    Jess, I appreciate the input. I was under the impression that 202 and 205 had to be completed before applying. 201 is a prereq as well? Thanks again..
  5. by   JessLP
    BIO201 is a pre-req so it needs to be completed before application. Here's a link to the actual application:

    The co-reqs for progression into Block 3 (BIO 202 and BIO 205) need to be completed to allow you to move into your second year. The co-reqs for graduation (ENG 101, ENG 102, Critical Thinking, and the Humanities elective) are just required to graduate. You can work on co-reqs while on the waiting list.