Hospital Reputations for Ft. Mojave/Kingman/Havasu?

  1. Anyone have anything to say good/bad/indifferent about the hospitals in Fort Mohave, Kingman or Lake Havasu? How are patient to nurse ratios, pay scales, administrative support for the staff, etc?

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  3. by   Wile E Coyote
    Well, of the three, the one with the best rep I hear repeated most freq. is Kingman. Folks like it's not-for-profit atmosphere, and it's 'grow-yer-own' approach with the local community college. As far as pay, Havasu, (By a hair) but it also has a cost of living (housing namely) 30-40% hight thatn the other areas. Of course, this also means that it's the 'nicest' area, if ya got the coin. Ft Mohave is the most remote, smallest, newest, and the least I have an opinion of. Keep in mind, I've never set foot in the place.
    Havasu has the advantage of having already started it's cardiac surgery program ( Yeah, they do hearts!) While Kingman is 2 or so years out.
    N/P ratios........? what units/areas specifically?
  4. by   Ayrman
    As med-surg typically carries the heaviest patient load per nurse how about those areas?

  5. by   Wile E Coyote
    For Havasu, med-surg runs 1/6 or up to 8. For the others, I'll have to ask around and get back by Fri or Sat.