1. I am also interviewing in the HOSPICE area of nursing. Can anyone out there tell me if wokring with Hospice of the Valley has been a good experience? How many pts. per week does a hospice nurse need to carry? Is it as rewarding as it seems? Do you see each pt. daily? weekly?

    What are the pluses and minuses of this work here in Az.??
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    I work for the 'Not For Profit' hospice in Yuma. I can't speak for Hospice of the Valley, but in Yuma, we are given X amount of patient, and the nurse's function as a case manager. The case manager decides how many times a patient needs to be seen depending on the acuity of each individual patient, and this can vary from 1 time a week by the RN to daily if needed. The RN Case Manager also decides how many times the CNA sees the patient, and the volunteers. She/he follows to make sure all disciplines are working together as a team for the good of the patient and family, and that the plan of care is developed and followed appropriately. This is a ver rewarding job.