HELP !! A New company has taken over our facility and they are cleaning house

  1. All of the RNs and CNAs are in spin-dry and we don't know what to do to save whatever moral is left. The new Suits have let five girls go in the last two weeks and everyone thinks they are the next to go. We've gotten into a cycle and it is self-destructive to extreme.

    We need a group plan to use to keep things together and to stop the panic. There are a lot of good Nurses that work together well and really care about the clients. We are end of life care and we all have to be focused on our client and their needs without the distraction from company politics.

    If anyone can give us some help in putting things back to normal I would really appreciate it.

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  3. by   Mercy65
    We just went through lay-offs this past winter and everyone was up in arms, the only saving grace for many was seniority, they were going by that and that only. Not sure what they are doing by you, but you need to start your shift with saying to yourself and your coworkers that you are there to give great patient care and that you can't let politics get in the way of that. Your unit manager should be keeping you up to date and if they are not then get all the staff together and demand a meeting with the people making the decisions. If they fear staff may walk out or strike they may be more likely to have a meeting and let you know what the plan is.

    Good luck, I also work on a hospice/oncology unit and I know how stressful this can be for you.