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Hello, My name is Keisha and I am currently taking the prereqs for GCU's summer 2012 program. Is anyone else thinking about applying? My first choice is the program at St Joe's.... Read More

  1. by   johnnyarei
    Unfortunately it didn't help me :-( I'm maxed out on my student loans from my 1st degree. So, I'll be a cash paying student. I thought about applying for a private loan, but I want as little debt as possible. Hopefully when my COM 270 grade posts, I'll have a 3.7 GPA. So, I should qualify for the highest transfer scholarship.
  2. by   Stoofanie
    When I transferred into GCU in the fall I didn't get a scholarship and it sucked. Instead of taking only my prereqs they looked at all my classes including ones I retook which was awful because they took the new grade and the old grade for some reason. It got me really upset! The only thing I don't like about GCU is the loans I'll have to take out; I don't know how much you took out your first degree, but it's frustrating. I'm afraid I'll max mine out before I graduate so..hopefully I'll be okay! I hate that I have to be claimed as dependent (under 24) but I don't get help from my mom! It's lame!
  3. by   johnnyarei
    Can you apply for a scholarship now that you are in the program?
  4. by   johnnyarei
    What did you think about orientation? Do you live close to St Joe's? I live in Maricopa. It'll be about an hr drive for me (in rush hr)!
  5. by   ASHR
    I was at the meeting too, I also have a long drive to St. Joe's! Do you guys know if not having a Hep B vaccine will prevent me from any clinical sites? They probably mentioned it but there was so much info I didn't grasp it all.
  6. by   johnnyarei
    I don't think it will prevent you from participating at the clinical sites. They recommend the Hepatitis B Vaccine though.
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  7. by   johnnyarei
    ASHR - Congrats on getting accepted!!!
  8. by   Stoofanie
    johnnyarei: i dunno. i know it says on st. joe's website that you can "
    [color=#333333]receive a tuition scholarship and explore the opportunity to apply for an education line of credit" so maybe they'll offer scholarships once you're in the nursing program? i hope so at least..it would help a lot. i get a 500.00 one every semester...at least it's something right now!

    [color=#333333]the orientation i thought was helpful. i didn't stay after though. i email my advisor first and wanted to finish my msp and loan consolation before hand! i live actually really close to st. joseph's...maybe 15-20 minutes, but i'm moving in august so i'm not sure if it'll be an hour commute later like you!

    ashr: i didn't hear them mention anything about the hep b vaccine, just the flu and how abraso won't hire people without it. i would email gina about it. i have 2 of the shots..so i guess i might as well get my third series!
  9. by   johnnyarei
    They mentioned it briefly. They didn't go into much detail. Gina just said that if you had it, fill out the paper, if not fill our the waiver form. She did say that the hospitals recommend it, but it's not required. So, it's really up to you. In the packet, there's a declination form that explains it.
  10. by   johnnyarei
    BTW - I just thought that I would mention that FON 241 at Rio Salado is kicking my butt!
  11. by   Stoofanie
    What class is FON 241?? I have to get a new stupid CPR card!! UGH!
  12. by   johnnyarei
    It's an accelerated 8 week program. FON 241 is Human Nutrition. It's really time consuming!

    Luckily I just got my new CPR card on Feb 1st. I just started my new job as a CNA on Feb 6th. It's good until Feb 28, 2014. So, it will last the whole program. Also, I'm luckily because my job required me to have titers for MMR and varicella. So, I got that done free!!!! And, I started my Hep B vaccine and got my TDap - all free! The only thing I have to pay for is my physical. I got my Level One Fingerprint Clearance card last year, so I'm good with that.
  13. by   Stoofanie
    My TD booster still has 2 years before it expires so I'm good on that! I need my 3rd series of my hep B. I got two in middle school not sure why they never gave us the third! I have a CPR card but it doesn't say what they want it too, but it's okay because it was free with my work place. I'm not excited about the blood work I'll need done for the MMR and varicella. I had it done in Flagstaff before when I volunteered but I can't get those records

    I loved my nutrition class at NAU. It helped because it was in person but my teacher was amazing! I love the online classes SOMETIMES, but they take so much more work!

    I'm hopefully getting my fingerprint packet next week. Then I have to schedule a physical and pay for a CPR class. Hopefully I'm done with paying for everything! They were correct when they told me your first semester for nursing school is the most expensive...