GCU Fast Track BSN program - what to expect? - page 2

Hey all! I've just recently received my acceptance letter in to GCU's Fast Track BSN Program and am wanting feedback from students who have completed the program or are currently in it. More... Read More

  1. by   MTTMPE
    I was talking about two boards. The military board (NECP) meets in May 2010 and the GCU board around the sametime. I will miss both boards. I won't be back from IRAQ until Oct 10. The military won't take spring apps. So I have to wait a whole year. Are you taking patho with GCU? if so how is the work load?
  2. by   CateJohnson
    Ohhh the Nurse Enlisted Commissioning Program thats cool, you trying to go to Grand Canyon or whatever is first? So far work load is not bad a few readings a night, and a few 100 word papers, and a few answer this or thats! LOL Patho is scary but the teacher is super nice, and explains everything to our level! But mostly you do not have homework on weekends, and most tests are fridays, some quizs might fall on monday but not likely... So weekends are yours! LOL
  3. by   CateJohnson
    Great new came today I can still take the NET and will this weekend everything is falling in to place! Oh I love it when dreams come true. Holding my breath but still excited!