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  1. Hello everyone,

    My name is Tony and I am currently a Pre-Nursing student. I am less than a year away from completing all of my Nursing prerequisites for the BSN program at Arizona State University as well as at Chamberlain College of Nursing.

    I have had a question on my mind for quite some time and have tried researching the answer but have been unable to locate the information I am looking for.

    My question is simply put: With all community colleges on a two year wait and Arizona State University using its new multiplier system, should I not pursue these options and apply to Chamberlain College of Nursing?

    I spoke with a nice lady who works in the Human Resources Department for Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. She is in the Nursing department of the hospital. She was kind enough to answer some of my questions that I had as well as inform me that the college I go to does not matter as much as the GPA that I earn and how well I use what I have been taught.

    With that being said, should I not waste my time trying to apply to ASU's BSN program and apply to Chamberlain, instead?

    I have a high GPA and I am confident in my ability to maintain my high GPA even through my science courses that I have left to take, so I feel I could have a strong application.

    Where the anxiety comes in is with the new multiplier system and the amount of applicants that ASU receives each semester.

    Is it even worth trying for nowadays?

    Also, I am not a current ASU student as I am unable to afford to take my prerequisites at a university. I am finishing my prerequisites at the community college level.

    I hope I explained my question well enough. If anyone feels like I should explain it better please let me know and I will do that.

    Thank you for your time,


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  3. by   Cursed Irishman
    If you can not afford to take your pre-req's at asu, how can you afford chamberlain? take a long look at finances before you discount the wait at community colleges.
  4. by   fromtheseaRN
    Quote from Cursed Irishman
    If you can not afford to take your pre-req's at asu, how can you afford chamberlain? take a long look at finances before you discount the wait at community colleges.

    additionally, mayo's job postings all say BSN preferred. in this climate, your school/degree definitely matter.
  5. by   Toe Knee
    Hi Cursed Irishman,

    My situation is that I am able to afford the expense of the nursing program, but not both the nursing program as well as the pre-reqs. Meaning, I can afford ASU or Chamberlain's core nursing program (Upper-Division), but am unable to afford also taking the pre-reqs at ASU or Chamberlain.

    In response to both Irishman and fromthesea,

    Given that ASU is out of the question for me with the new multiplier system, do you both feel I should wait 2 years for the Community College program, or enter into Chamberlain for my BSN and graduate with ~30k loans? This question is in regards to the job market. Would more debt but a BSN end up being a better choice then a debt free ADN?

    Thank you,

  6. by   fromtheseaRN
    what you choose to do is a personal decision and ultimately up to you. i am in an associates program, and have already signed up to do my rn-bsn through ASU online once i graduate and pass the nclex. that option is far less expensive then chamberlain.
  7. by   yelnikmcwawa
    I would apply to every single program that you have the opportunity to and take whichever accepts you first! I live in Phoenix but was able to apply to NAU before any other school and I got in. I commuted up there and while it was time consuming, I'm glad I did it cause I'm out of school much faster than if I had waited. I make good money now and am glad to be done with school! If you can get a BSN...go for it. If you get into an ADN program first, then so be it. Chaimberlain will cost you an arm and a leg but the sooner you're out in the work force the better, IMO. Can' hurt to apply to ASU because while it is competitive, just remember that people do get in and you might be surprised at some of the doors that open up when you least expect it. Best of luck!
  8. by   moma8gma1
    One thing that might work in your favor, Tony -- you're male. I've been told the field is seeking more male nurses, so that might score you points when you apply. (I'm not sure how schools would factor that in, but I keep hearing this again and again.)
    At any rate, you sound ambitious and articulate. Add "tenacious" to that, and you're sure to get in some place eventually.
    Good luck to you!
  9. by   smilinjen

    The new multiplier system won't really begin to affect applicants right away. ASU has been telling people for years to do their pre-req's at the community colleges, so there are tons of applicants that won't get the multiplier. I heard it will take 2-3 semesters before the change is even felt. And I also heard it's not being implemented in Fall 2011 anymore, so who knows? Maybe they'll ditch the idea altogether.

    Also, not sure if you're aware, but NAU is now partnering with Maricopa Community Colleges for a concurrent ADN/BSN program (5 semesters, you'd be enrolled in a CC and NAU both). Initially it's just at Glendale CC, but plans are in the works to open it up to 3 more community colleges (Gateway, Mesa, Scottsdale) by Spring of 2012 and by Fall 2012 Chandler-Gilbert, Estrella Mountain, Phoenix, and Paradise Valley should be added. Pre-req's for the program are very similar to ASU and GPA is a factor. This new program is anticipated to actually speed up the wait for people entering it and prolong the wait for "traditional" ADN students as concurrent students will be moved up the queque. Maricopa CC sent out an email on Tuesday with this information and info sessions should be planned in the next few weeks. I just got accepted to ASU for Summer 2011, so I won't be getting any additional information to share.

    So keep charging ahead, put in your applications as soon as you can (including the community colleges just in case, especially in light of the new changes), and see what happens. You'll get in somewhere!

    Good luck!

  10. by   jsuep
    I just graduated from Chamberlain in Ohio 5 weeks ago, and passed my NCLEX 2 weeks ago. Here is how I did it, and why.

    First of all, by going to Chamberlain, I eliminated the need for any prerequisites, which saved me a years worth of school, as well as the money tied to that year of school.

    Our college's NCLEX pass rate is 99.6%, and we are the number 1 rated school (NCLEX-pass-rate-wise) in Ohio. I graduated with an Associate degree (they offer bachelors degrees as well), so that I could start working as soon as possible. BUT - I am already enrolled in Chamberlain's ADN to BSN program, which I can do entirely online (at a 15% discount for alumni, and with no clinicals at all) WHILE I am working. Additionally, since they have no minimum residency requirements for their alumni, it will only take me 6-8 months to complete my BSN.

    I have friend who went on the waiting list at our community college the same time I started at Chamberlain. I am interviewing for jobs, and she still hasnt started her nursing classes. The way I looked at it, if I had to wait 2 years to go to our community college (yes, ours also has a 2 year wait), the lack of nursing income for the next 2 years kind of compensates that I now have student loans to pay back.

    What I have been told by a couple of nursing recruiters is that my having an ADN (instead of a BSN) is tempered by my high GPA, and the fact that I am actively continuing with my education.

    Good luck to you, whatever you decide to do!
  11. by   candrak
    I would apply to all schools that are within your budget and meet your needs. I originally was going to apply to an ADN program at a community college but when it came time to apply I put everything on paper and realized that I only had to do one extra semester of pre-reqs to apply and get my BSN. Since I was on financial aid it only really made sense to just go for it!! The University I applied to also had a multiplier but I got in ... so it can be done ... never say anything is impossible until you try! And because I am going to a state school I will get out of nursing school with less than $16,000 in loans! Good luck ... you might just be surprised at what you can do!

    P.S. Don't forget to join Phi Theta Kappa (Community College Honor Society) if you are invited so you can get a transfer scholarship and a PTK scholarship!
  12. by   Zphreaky1
    You might want to check with an advisor at GCU as well. If your gpa is high, they offer a scholarship which makes them much more affordable then asu atm. Another thing to think about is asu's tuition is prolly going up up up soon.

    I was in the same position and after seeing my asu adviser a few weeks ago I crossed them off the list.
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  14. by   Toe Knee
    Hi to everyone that replied,

    Thank you kindly for your informative responses. The reason I have not responded back is because I have been in an accelerated CNA program at Arizona Medical Training Institute (AMTI, previously known as RSAA). As of today, I have completed my state boards exam, both the written and skills and am awaiting my scores (The waiting game SUCKS by the way haha).

    Anyway, thank you for your responses and I have decided to deal with the loans and go straight for the BSN. After all my prerequisites are completed I plan to apply to ASU, Chamberlain, GCU, and NAU.

    Are there any schools that you folks would recommend that you or someone you know went to? BSN or ADN, doesn't matter.