Former or Current CGC Students? Last Minute Changes.

  1. So today is the last day to make changes to your school choice for the Maricopa Colleges before placement is supposed to begin later this week. Right now I have the two MCC programs as first and second choices, then CGC, Scottsdale, and Gateway in that order. I know I have a really slim change of getting into MCC because they are barely accepting any public placements, but obviously we never know.

    Today I was browsing the schedules of the various schools, and it looks like CGC has a pretty good schedule that would work out well with my schedule. CGC has always been closest to my house, but the thing that has put me off the most about that school is all of the previous negative reports from nursing students that went there. I am considering changing CGC to my second choice after MCC traditional, but I'm still scared that I will regret my choice to do that.

    PLEASE tell me what your experience was/is with CGC! Help me!!
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  3. by   Efren
    Hello, I can't help with your question as I am currently awaiting placement myself (Hopefully this spring) but may i ask you where you were able to see the program schedules? Thank you.
  4. by   Chancher
    They aren't hard and fast (I don't think), but I just searched class schedules for NUR152 and read some forums to get an idea of start and end times for the first block.