considering relocating to arizona

  1. hello, i'm an lvn in southern california and i am considering relocating to arizona, in particular the phoenix area. i was just wondering what the pay rate out there was for lvn's, and rn's. Also i was wondering if online rn degrees are accepted by the state of arizona, since ca will no longer allows them. thank you.
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  3. by   cardiacRN2006
    Online programs are ok.

    The pay will be less than that in Cali.
  4. by   tlc365
    Hi - I relocated from near Buffalo NY a year and a half ago and am an lpn at an inpatient facility for women with eating disorders. They started me at over $18 and now I make over $20 an hour. They also payed my moving expenses and travel to the interview and I am pursuing Excelsior lpn-rn program and I get help to pay for this education where I work!!! If you would like more info let me know. I am 40 miles from Phoenix and do not work in a hospital so I am not sure if that would be a draw back to you but I find the pay much better here than in NY state.
  5. by   mugg54
    I believe the starting pay for a new grad RN is around 22-25. I am not sure what the pay is for LPN's. I know several nurses that did the on-line programs and didn't have a problem obtaining an AZ license!

    Good Luck!:roll
  6. by   misty78
    What is the place called that you work that helps women w/ eating disorders if you dont mind me asking, do they need anymore LPN's?? We plan on moving to AZ from Iowa at the end of may
  7. by   Kabin
    The one in Wickenberg is Remuda Ranch.
  8. by   azlisa
    I just moved to Bullhead from California. I've needed to start as a NA, take the class, pray to pass the state test, and keep working. I work at Silver Ridge Village, which is owned by a large crop. They have several SNF's, Pharmacy, etc. While I'm only getting $6.75 hr until I get the license, school/class has only cost me my time. So I've been working 2/12 noc shifts. (6p-6:30a) then school 3 days 9a-5p or when we finish. If I want to continue my education this company will pay for education, but you have to sign a 2 year contract. Med Tech here is CNA plus a pharmacology course. (glorified CNA I'm told) At times there is only 1 CNA & NA for a hall of 30-32 pts. But you do have a charge nurse that "should" help. I know that Western Arizona Regional Medical Center starts CNA's at $10.00-$12.00hr with current cert,cpr. They have a good website. Valley View hospital in Fort Mohave is always looking. But a coworker of mine said schedule is one week noc, then days, and that a CNA was expected to do CNA, telementary watch, and maybe clerical. Hope this dosen't discourage you, it's just been the way I've had to go. Lisa W
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