CNA class offered at PVCC.. should I ???

  1. I am wondering if there are any of you out there who may be enrolled in the upcoming CNA at PVCC?? I am one of them... but am having some second thoughts.

    I am just a few weeks away from being able to turning my NS application in! I was going to take CNA class this fall and try to find a job while I wait to get into NS. I am wondering if I should just concentrate on finishing my co-reqs right now Or would you recommend taking the CNA class? Are there any hospitals hiring CNAs? and if so.. what is the likelihood of someone fresh out of CNA course finding a job? So many factors to consider... my head is spinning. LOL

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  3. by   sassiebaz
    If I remember correctly, that class is only 2-3 days a week right? You may still be able to juggle a co-req. Also, if you have a year on the waitlist, you'd be able to utilize that cna and still finish up co-req's right? Those are just my thoughts. Good luck!
  4. by   JessLP
    I don't see how a CNA could hurt. I, personally, haven't had any luck getting hired at a hospital, but I'm using my CNA to do home health work and hope to do that through my LPN program. I don't know about PVCC, but I've seen many colleges offer CNA programs on Saturdays only, so you might be able to do that and juggle a co-req or two. I, personally, didn't think that the CNA was really that challenging. It was time consuming, but I didn't find myself doing any out of class studying.
  5. by   KTSNurse2b
    My advice would absolutely be to go for it. I just started the nursing program at PVCC a couple weeks ago. When I decided I wanted to get into nursing last year, despite a sizable paycut, I made the decision to take the PVCC CNA class and work as a CNA prior to starting the actual program. For me, I more wanted to do the CNA route first to not only get some medical experience (which I previously had none of), but also to make sure that nursing was what I wanted to do and that I wasn't going to waste my time and money going to NS. I started the CNA class at PVCC in Oct. of last year and finished right around Xmas. We had clinicals all day on Saturday and met twice a week in the evening for about 3-4 hours if I remember correctly. As others have said, the CNA class is not at all hard, just time consuming. I was working full time and taking A&P I at that time, and it really wasn't too stressful. It took awhile to get through the application process, but I did get a job at a hospital once I was licensed, even without I've been a CNA about 6 months and everyday in NS I am so thankful for the familiarity and observation experience that being a CNA at the hospital has given me. I really think it will help me throughout the program as we learn new information and I am exposed to different things at work. Let me know if you have any other questions, especially specific to PVCC.
  6. by   ChrissyLove123
    I'm looking to start the CNA training in January here in Yuma. I'm looking toward moving to the Phx area this summer, and I had NO IDEA there was a 1.5 yr wait list!!! I do think the time in a medical facility will help. From what it seems like, your first block of NS is basically CNA training anyways, right? Our comm. college has a 1 semester out to get your CNA then LPN after 2 or 3 semesters.

    Anyhow, I think it can only be beneficial, ESPECIALLY with such a long wait. I'm planning on CHM & A&PII @ the same time. Good luck - wish it for me, too! haha
  7. by   Lizzyru
    Hi, KTSNurse2b!
    So you are at PVCC nursing program? Congratulations!!!! Did you get in through John C. Lincoln? I haven't seen PVCC as a choice on nursing board so I was not sure if anyone was getting in any more. That is soooo exciting! How long was your wait to get into PVCC? How do you like the program? I haven't seen anyone else on the board that is in the PVCC program.. so it's great to 'meet' someone that is actually at PVCC. Because of the close proximity from my house, PVCC would be my first choice - but with John C. Lincoln partnership taking up most of the spots, it's not even worth it... although I have heard a rumor that they are discontinuing this partnership.. is it true? If so, will PVCC begin offering the 40 spots from public pool again?

    I did start the CNA program at PVCC and I am really enjoying it. I had taken HCC 130 and HCC 145 previously and the information from those previous classes are helping tremendosly. I do think this class will be a great skill builder for anyone considering going into nursing.
  8. by   KTSNurse2b
    Uh oh...I think we are talking about a different PVCC... I am talking about Piedmont Virginia Community College in Charlottesville, VA. I've never heard of John C. Lincoln, so I'm guessing you must be talking about another community college program in another state. Sorry then that I can't be of more help-good luck with everything though!