CNA Certification through Diversified tech ?????

  1. Has anyone taken the test here since AZ state board of nursing switched from emperior? I had a sheet from my class that outlined the procedures with emperior and I sort of knew what to expect. Now the testing is being handled by Diversified Technologies and i just printed out the handbook they have on their website but it lists 22 possible manual skills and they only test you on 3.
    At least with experion they narrowed it down to like 6 or 7.
    A few of these skills i never even had to do in my CNA class...
    Any help would be much appreciated...
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  3. by   plchavard
    I tested through D&S diversified technologies very recently. I will share with you my experience.
    Overall I thought it was very nice, You have like 90 minutes to do the written portion of the test. The written test really doesn't have any surprises, if you take a few study tests they will prepare you really well.
    The skills portion is like the previous testing. You have five skills, one of them will be handwashing. The other four come from the list of 22 and are randomly chosen by computer. you have 35 minutes to complete the skills portion.
    I took my test on a Sat and got my scores via email on a thursday.
    The only criticism I have is that you get rescheduled a lot -I guess they are trying to catch up from the summer - a lot of people have been waiting to test.
    Just relax and you will do fine.:wink2:
  4. by   IrishItalianRN
    what do you mean r/s a lot? I have to pick from some schedule list and i picked 12/29 do you mean even though you pick the day they still might call me to r/s???
    See when the were doing experior they said it would be 3 of 5 given skills. So you always knew handwashing was one and then usually it was BP and partial bath. But now with this company you have 22 to choose from
    I know it wouldnt be the same ones but which ones did you have to do?
  5. by   plchavard
    I will pm you