CAC nursing program?

  1. I have been attending CAC for 4 semesters now. I have completed all of my pre reqs and most of my co recs except for Nutrition 200 and Bio 205. I was really hoping to apply for the nursing program and get in by January, but I'm not sure how missing those co reqs are going to affect my chances of getting in. Also I am not a pinal county resident. I know I will have to take them eventually, but I did not want to take summer classes because I know how difficult those will be. I might take them in the fall semester, but I am expecting a baby due in August and I know that if I do take them in the fall they will not count towards my application for January. Should I expect to not get in considering I havent completed all of my co reqs?
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  3. by   vw74vw

    I will be starting 3rd block in the fall so I can answer a few of your questions. For the points to count toward admission they must be completed by the time you apply to the program. So those two classes will not count since I believe the application deadline is sometime in October. There are some in my class that live outside of Pinal but you do receive 5 points just living in Pinal. The average points for our class that got in was around 65. So you can see where you are coming in as far as points, but it just depends on the application pool.

    The CAC is a good program and the Prof's that I've had have been great and they do want you to succeed in the program. That being said we have lost 2 students in block 2 that did not pass. From what I've heard for the most part block 2 is the most difficult due to the schedule and taking Pharm. But it can be done for sure. I hope it all works out for you.
  4. by   abbee3
    Anyone applying to CAC Nursing program for Fall 2018? I'm curious how many points I would need to remain competitive, the comments above are from years ago so wondering if its changed.