ASU TPCNP Spring 2013

  1. I've been lurking around allnurses for a few years while working on my pre-reqs. Each semester I see a new thread for prospective students, but I have yet to see one for the spring 2013 applicants. Are any of you out there?! I got my letter in the mail last week, and to my surprise, I got in. I must admit, reading through other applicant's scores the last few years has been nothing short of terrifying. I applied with a 3.814 select GPA and an 80.0% on the TEAS. I was shocked to get in. I'm curious about how many spots were up for grabs this time around and what other people scored. I'm sure I'm on the low end, but am incredibly thankful to finally have my foot in the door.
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  3. by   Sha1723
    Hello! I plan to apply to the Summer 2013 program. Congrats on getting accepted! When you applied did you have all of your prerequisites completed? Also how long did you prep yourself before you took the TEAS exam?
  4. by   Satori.
    Yes, I had all the pre-reqs completed when I applied. I didn't study nearly as much as I wanted to for the TEAS, cracked the book a week before the test. 8 of the questions were automatically marked wrong because I ran out of time during the first two sections. If you give yourself plenty of study time, you should be alright.
  5. by   Sha1723
    Thanks for the advice! Are you from Arizona originally? I would be relocating from Massachsetts. I plan to visit the campus next month but how are the facilities there? I know that the nursing program is highly ranked but I still would like to get a feel of the area. Also did you apply through the CAP process or are you an incoming freshman??
  6. by   Satori.
    Do you live around Boston by any chance? I spent last summer there and absolutely loved it! We do not have nearly as many options out here compared to Boston, but I do enjoy ASU. The nursing facility is downtown, so it gets you away from the main campus in Tempe. Public transportation out here completely blows, we don't have anything even remotely as awesome as the T. Things, in general, are much cheaper out here though. I competed for a spot in the program, but i'm under the impression that regardless of which route you go down, it's a hard program to get into. Everyone I've encountered so far is incredibly nice, but life out here is probably a bit slower than what you are use to if you currently live in the city. You might miss the diners, class, pace of life, seasons, rain, and mom and pop type businesses. You will develop a new found appreciation for history and culture, which Phoenix pretty much lacks. The program at ASU is really good, but as soon as I graduate i'm moving to Boston.
  7. by   Sha1723
    Yes! I live right outside of Boston in Somerville. I am still going to apply to schools in the Boston area so depending on how everything works out I may still be living here. I would be bringing my car to AZ so lack of public transportation isn’t a big deal but, I have heard that the pace is slower in AZ and the cost of living is lower. I have also heard that the program at ASU is really good so it’s nice to know that if I moved there from Boston I would still going to a good school. Disappointing to hear about the lack of history and culture though which Boston is full of. I grew up and went to college on the east coast so I was looking at AZ to experience something different but I agree Boston is awesome and if you have the chance to move here I say do it. Also glad to hear the program is not near the main campus. I heard ASU has a party school reputation and I’ve been there done that lol. What would you say made you a competitive candidate? A little nervous on how competitive the program is but my prerequisites GPA is 3.8 still have to take the TEAS which I’m studying for. Thanks for answering all my questions! I really appreciate it.