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  1. hello fellow aesthetic nurses of arizona!

    i'm new to the area and would like to get some information on practicing in this state. it can be difficult getting started/finding resources in aesthetics especially in a new area and i've found that the laws are a bit more stringent than the state that i recently moved from. i figured joining allnurses would be my best bet in networking with other aesthetic nurses...

    i've found out (board of nsg) in order to practice in az i would be required to receive formal training from an accredited facility to obtain certification, yet there wasn't a resource to inform me of the best option for institutions to attend. i found a 'laser school' that wants $8,500 for a couple of weeks of training...i would basically be paying to learn what i already know. the tuition doesn't even cover injectables!

    i've already sent out a few resumes to medspas/training facilities to not only obtain an employer, but get the certification out of the way. surprisingly, i have had no bites. i'm assuming that i haven't gotten in for interviewing because i sent my resumes during the summer months, which are the slowest months of the year. i have some contacts that i'm grateful for, but i've had a couple of interviews at shady places that would not work out.

    fall/winter is quickly approaching so i'm hoping to eventually find something, but it won't matter if i can't get my cert. out of the way. i'm chompin at the bit!!!

    any suggestions out there???
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