Are weekend negotiable?

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Hello all! I am looking to get started with travel nursing, mostly within a few hours from home. I was curious if weekends are negotiable? Specifically requesting with the hiring manager what weekends I can work and which I can't. I have very active older children and don't want to miss out on everything. I realize I need to be flexible and I will, however I am curious if hiring managers tend to also be flexible to the travelers needs? Thanks!

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Most facilities have some sort of weekend commitment--we require that of our own travelers. It's not usually every weekend unless you were specifically hired for that. But it might be every other weekend, every 3rd weekend, whatever. How much flexibility is in there depends on the facility. Talk to your agency to see what is possible.

not a traveler myself, but what i have heard from travels that come to our facility is that the weekends you want/need to have off is work into your contract. so make sure it is known when you put in your information for hire. good luck.

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You can usually negotiate which weekend you want to start with during your assignment; however, getting around the every other weekend requirement doesn't usually happen. Be cautious because sometimes the manager will advise that they will be able to work with your weekend requests and the unit needs may change causing the facility to change what you had originally discussed. I actually love to work every weekend. :happy:

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