Are there any VA hospitals w/ onsite daycares?

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Does anybody know of any Virginia hospitals w/ onsite daycares offered to employees. I hear about them on this board but I don't know of any places that offer them, the few that I've searched seem to not offer this, or have discontinued it. I'm in Northern VA but plan on relocating once I graduate but not sure where I will go yet. If anybody knows of a hospital that offers it, do they offer this as a benefit at no cost, or is there a discounted rate or is it taken from your paycheck?

Any info is appreciated!!

Thank you!

I know that VCU Health offers child care services for its employees, but it's not free.

Yeah UVA has its own daycares - one pretty close to the hospital. Don't know if they can handle watching a kid for 13 hours - doubtful. Similar rates to other daycares.

They always have a wait list too. Most of the moms I know have elabaorate plans that involve spouses and other family members watching the kids. Some do things like drop the kids off before night shift at grandparents, then pick them up in am to take to school, then up 1500 to get them off bus and do it all over again. It's a challenge.

If you are a single mother with no local support, I'd say it's damn near impossible to find a traditional day care that would be open long enough to accommodate 12 hr shifts.

I would look in to a procedural area or ambulatory clinic if you need a 9-5.

I have been researching local Daycares in the Newport News area and came across Riverside Child Development. They offer daycare for Employees as well as the community at a discount rate.

Riverside Child Development and Learning Center -Tuition Rates

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