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Hi, I have recently decided to transfer into a 4 year BSN program, but the college is requiring me to take A&PII and an algebra class this summer. I am wondering if its worth it to take these classes. Am I setting myself out to fail by taking A&P over the summer? I am taking A&PI now and have an A, but I am afraid that if I fail they will not let me in the program. The nursing department says that they can accept me contingent on the fact that I get at least a C. Please help!!! I really need advice on whether or not its worth it to kill myself this summer!!!

Go for it! Although I have never taken a summer class, I graduated with a degree in biology (I DO know A&P!) and have many friends that swore by summer classes. Since you've done well in A&PI, then you shouldn't have any trouble with the summer course. It's definitely at a faster pace, but, in some respects, is more relaxed. Do you know anyone at your school who has attended summer term? Ask their opinion too.

Good luck!

If you are getting an A in A&P1 then you will do fine in A&P2 during the summer. I took it during the summer and we went every thurs and fri for 4 hrs a day for 11 weeks. We had an exam every week, it was hard but I managed to get a A-, which was jut fine with me. The benefit for me was that I did not have to take it with my second semester nursing classes then. This really lightened my load.

A&P can be difficult, but I do agree that if you are doing well in A&PI you could probably handle A&PII over the summer. We seperated A&P, I took anatomy over the summer (5 units in 6 weeks) and still did well.

I would recommend taking algebra another time if you are taking A&P over the summer if at all possible, especially if math is challenging for you.

Summer units take up a lot more class and study time per week. Look at how many units the classes will be combined, if you are trying to cram over half of a regular semester's full time units into 6 or 8 weeks, study time and scheduling the courses may be difficult, especially with lab courses.

I did summer classes almost every summer while in school and it did help cut down on my general ed load so that I could focus more on my nursing courses.

Good luck, it can be done.

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Listen to what your instincts tell you. What are your commitments regarding your family and job? Having aced A&P I, you are obviously very capable. Taking both A&P and Algebra during the summer would be challenging, but if you feel you can truly commit -- go for it. I cut my hours when I went back to earn my BSN, but it was worth the sacrifice. Taking wintersession & summersession classes enabled me to complete my degree in a very short time and lessened my workload during the fall/spring semesters. Good luck with your decision!

Teresa, I say go for it! I took a microbiology class as well as algebra last summer and did very well. You must be focused since these summer sessions are very intense. Good Luck!

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