Are there any past or present nursing school graduates from Connecticut ?

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I believe that I posted a question like this one before. Are there any students out there who are in nursing school or who have graduated from nursing school in Connecticut. If so, would you share with me the nursing program you chose? Why you chose that particular program? Did you like it? ect.... I hope that I am not prying.



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There are 5 of us guys in our LPN class of 28 students - From what I hear the ratio of males is steadily increaseing in the Nursing Programs around this area anyway

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I don't know how many people have graduated from nursing school in Conneticut. Prbably a lot. I have not yet started nursing school, sorry. I'm a sophmore in high-school, but am planning to be a nurse in the future.:rolleyes: I don't think you were prying into anything. Thanks for asking.



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I graduated from Three Rivers Community College just this past June. I chose it mostly for its location (it's the closest one), but there were people in my class who chose it because it has a very high NCLEX passing rate and 1200 clinical hours. It is competitive but the addition of a new instructor is allowing the school to now accept 75 students as opposed to 60.

It's a very tough school to graduate from in spite of its being a two year program (though it takes most people about three years to finish). However, graduates are extremely well prepared for the "real world" of nursing and the NCLEX exam.

However, I should add that where I work it has not escaped my notice that if I say where I graduated from, the reaction is "That's nice." The other new nurse I work with graduated from Quinnipiac University and the reaction she gets is "Congratulations!" She has a BSN whereas I have an ADN: it depends on what your personal situation is as to which way you want to go. Nursing school is tough, intense, and time-consuming regardless of where you decide to go. Good luck!


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I am in nursing school going into my senior year at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT. They have a great nursing program w/ professors who are highly skilled in their areas of nursing and really know the field well. I am in their accellerated nursing program which can be completed in 2 years if you already have a previous bachelor's degree. It's a great school and the campus is just beautiful in the fall. If you are just starting out, it takes 4 years to complete the nursing program, but it is well worth it. We have a high percent pass rate on the NCLEX at our school as well. Good Luck wherever you decide to go and don't forget that there are some great hospitals in CT like YALE and Saint Raphael's as well as others in the CT area that are all teaching hospitals, and chances are you'll have your clinicals scheduled at them. Good Luck wherever you decide to go.

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