Are Nurse Practitioners' in demand?

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Will it be easy to find jobs as a Nurse Practitioner like it is for an RN?

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It really depends on where you live...some places are really saturated with NPs and PAs so it is hard to get a job as a new grad. You can certainly find a job if you are willing to relocate. Where I live, its hard for RNs that just graduated to find a job. Especially in the hospital. In the last few years they have gotten really picky. You have to have a BSN to even apply to certain hospitals here in Michigan. Because its so saturated with RNs. Its difficult to find a NP job here too. In the Detroit Metropolitan area anyway. If I wanted to move a few hour away in a rural community then I would have had a job by now. But who really wants to move when you have a family and are grounded? Ask the NPs in your area what they think. It may be a good in Texas, NPs are really in demand. Florida, not so much.

Oh ok. Yeah I live in Naples, Fl so you pretty much sumed that up for me. Lol

I live in FL and everyone I know who's graduated found a job easily. Look at to get a feel for it.

LiLoRN- Oh ok. Will do. Thank! :)

It really depends on your location and your specialty. In my area, RN jobs are nearly impossible to find (bay area), but NP jobs are available.

Well, RNs together (RNs, BSNs, and NPs/other MSNs) make up the largest growing profession according to BLS. BLS isn't perfect but it gives you a general idea -- i.e., you'll probably be okay. ;)

Doesnt seem like NPs are in demand as much as they were when I first started my FNP program years ago. And they certainly are not offering as much pay as they were back then. I am actually quite disappointed. Having a hard time finding something I would be interested in, let alone a job that pays what I feel we should be getting paid. All I will say is - keep you RN job until you find a NP job once you graduate. It may take a while. I may be relocating soon.

By the way, I live in Texas where we have one of the greatest medical centers and cities for health care professionals.

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