Are there LPN Jobs in Upstate New York?

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I live in the Rochester NY area and am going to LPN school starting in about three weeks. I graduated from college in 1981 with a degree in communications and have working pretty steadily as an editor/writer since, but for the past seven years, i have only be able to get a part time job (albeit steadily about 30 hours a week @ 13.65/hour)

I love my job, but it is with a TV station and like most media are doing terrible right now. I have been looking for a full time job, almost since the beginning, but have not been successful.

By going back to school, I am basically giving up this job and it probably won't even be there when I get out.

I did research the nursing field before taking this step, and it seemed like there were all sorts of jobs, but now I'm reading posts about there being no jobs.

This is a huge step for me and these posts are really scaring me--I know it is a scary time generally for the economy, but I thought I was going into a good field.

By the way, I know I will be a new graduate, but I hoped that since I did have many years of work experience, it would serve me perhaps in a doctor's office since I know computer programs, dealing with people, etc.

Also, I have experience as a elderly companion, childbirth educator and have raised four children.

Would these skills help me land a job?

I would appreciate any advice.

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