Are there ANY Durham Tech (DTCC) students or graduates out there?


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Hi All,

I posted this on the Pre-nursing forum but no responses to date. First of all, congratulations to all who have been accepted in to the nursing program of choice and to any new grads out there! I was finally accepted into the nursing program of my choice (YEY!! :yeah:).

I'm finishing the last few things before orientation and already selected my Fall schedule. As I wait patiently for classes to start, I was wondering if there are any current Durham Tech students or recent graduates who could share something about your experiences with the program.

Do any of you have any advice? Anything I should keep in mind over the next two years? Anything I should get started on? Can you tell me more of what I should expect? Anything would help, such as technical requirements or tools that helped you - did you have a PDA? did you use a laptop in class? I'm waiting until August to pick a new phone/PDA and laptop. Are iPhones allowed?

How hard or easy was it to get a job upon graduation? I'm assuming most of you are local to the Raleigh/Durham area. Did you go with the hospital where you were doing your clinicals?

Thanks in advance for all responses!



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HI! I am curious if you are still checking this, but congrats on your acceptance. I suppose you have started already, eh? I know someone that went to DTCC and she currently works at Durham Regional.

I have a question for you if you don't mind...what are the pre-req's to get into DTCC? (I mean mandatory, not classes that build additional points). I am currently a CNA and have my AHA CPR. After this semester I will have all of my pre-req's for the school that I have been attending, but would like to use DTCC for my Plan B.

Any helpful info for me? I really appreciate it!


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Hello NcPhoenix! I hope this message reaches you. I'm a Durham Tech student that needs your help. You seem to be the only person who threads about my college. I recently applied to the LPN program and was awarded 33 points (all B's for prerequisites) for my application. Do you know if that is high or low? Do you know the range of points they're asking for?? Please help if you can. Take care!