Are ABSN programs even an option for me?


Hi everyone,

I am planning on applying to ABSN programs this fall in order to start a program in Spring/Summer 2017. I have a list of about 20 schools across the country that seem like a good fit for me, however I am incredibly nervous about the competitiveness of the ABSN programs.

I have an overall 3.2 GPA from my previous degree in environmental biology from UConn, and I currently have a 4.0 at the local community college that I am currently finishing up my prerequisites at. This semester I am currently taking A&P I, Stat, Chem I, and Psych101 (still have A&P II, Chem II, Micro, and Developmental Psych to go over the summer/fall).

One reason why I am nervous about getting into an ABSN program is that I received a C- in chemistry and a C in statistics from my previous degree (had I known I wanted to be a nurse, I probably would have tried a little harder than I did, *sigh*).

As stated above, I am currently re-taking Chem I and Stat at community college and currently have an A in both....

But do you think that C- in chem and/or C in statistics from my previous degree will totally discredit me from getting accepted into any ABSN programs? I am working incredibly hard in order to receive A's in all of my prerequisite classes at the community college.

Has anyone else with a similar experience managed to get into an ABSN program? Should I apply to traditional BSN programs as well just in case? Or am I totally SOL when it comes to applying to nursing programs?

I want to become a nurse more than anything (eventually a nurse-midwife), and am willing to do ANYTHING it takes to get there. :down:

I really appreciate your advice.



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It depends on the program requirements. Most programs require at least a C in all nursing prerequisites. Even though your GPA isn't so competitive, I still think there's a chance you could be accepted. Good luck!

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That C- is probably not going to fly. At my school anything less than a C is failing. You may want to see if you can retake them. ABSN programs are very competitive.