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Arapahoe Community College


Specializes in LPN, LMT.

Where to even begin.. I was enrolled in the RN program, but after having to file a grievance on account of discrimination against ethnicity by the nursing program, I withdrew and only got my Lpn. The entrance exam is racist - only native speakers are given advantage. From there on isn't much better. No help from faculty, clear preferences towards young, female, Caucasian , US born females(Hispanic people aren't appreciated either). Everyone who needs any at all accommodations is failed. Former program director and lab instructor had multiple allegations against racism and discrimination. So they went to teach at Metro state instead. The new program director is loopy and clearly unaware of what her purpose is there. The real person who runs everything is an elderly nurse who has no touch with reality. Not a good learning environment, lots of gossip and finger pointing, zero accountability from staff. Very few graduate and they are all white people. Go to a bachelor program if you can, ACC tried to get accredited for that, and failed to recruit students in order to be able to offer that option. Going to this college for nursing is a waste of your money.

For the record, I've never failed a class, my GPA is 3.3, I came to the US at 22(13 years ago) and English isn't my native tongue. I'm finishing my degree elsewhere as I do want to teach nursing one day. I have so much dirt on Acc, but I just don't want to deal with those bigots anymore.