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Hi All,

I am starting ACC's RN program in Fall, 2018 and was wondering if anyone on here was a current student or recent grad that could offer any information! Such as, what are the schedules really like? Is it really 9-5 every week day like we were told in orientation? I see that clinicals do not start until half way through the 1st semester. Are there options for weekend clinicals?

Any info or tips is greatly appreciated!

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I am applying this November for a January start and am nervous I'll get denied. Could you tell me about your application process?

The 9-5 schedule sounded really intimidating!!!

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Hi djk078,

Im in my 4th semester there in the nursing program. Im guessing you just started and maybe I am too late to help. 1st semester is Fundamentals which is 1 day a week classroom (most of the day) and 1 day lab which is also most of the day. Im not sure about 9-5??? I would say more like 830-330. 1st semester is also pharm 1 which is a really tough 2 credit class but I learned a lot in it. Its the hardest I ever worked for 2 credit hours lol. That class was a morning class typically 830 - 1030ish if I remember correctly. Maybe longer sometimes. Clinical start about half way through the semester and was only 1 day a week for me. 10 hour shift I think.

I also took Patho/Phys that 1st semester online and was manageable. Some classmates also had to take A&P2 during that 1st semester and that would have been a bit much for me.

Hope that helps!

Arika, Basically, you have to crush the HESI to get in. ACC is fairly inexpensive compared to others so a lot of people apply so it is hard to get in. The semester I started, I averaged 95% on the math and English. I did ok in the science and got some bonus there as well as a tiny bit of health care experience bonus. I think I scraped in at about # 25/33 or so.

Hope that helps a tiny bit,


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