APRN/APP Manager?


Is anyone here an APRN and also in management/administration?  I recently completed an MSN in management, but have been going back and forth with whether I should do my DNP in executive leadership in the future or a DNP in acute care.  I'm wondering if anyone can talk about what an APRN/Advanced Practice Provider manager role would entail (and not necessarily limited to Chief/Lead APP/NP roles).  I'm also wondering, does becoming an APRN open more/different leadership/management roles and opportunities than being an RN?    I'm considering applying to assistant nurse manager positions next year (currently I'm a CVICU clinical RN with charge, preceptor, hospital-wide and unit-based committee chair and co-chair, etc. experience), and I definitely do want to pursue administration/leadership in the future as my ultimate goal, however I'm also interested in learning and practicing more as an APRN, and wondering if pursuing that would open other leadership opportunities beyond what would be available as an RN leader.

For those more experienced/knowledgeable in this area, I'd love to hear more!


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Hello, I know it’s been a while since you’ve made this post, but I’m curious as to which decision you made since I’m in the same situation. I just finished my MSN in Leadership and I’m torn between getting a DNP in leadership or AGPCNP.