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Appropriate gift for preceptor...thank you letter for charge nurse and other RN's?

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Hello all. I'm a Sr. SN, I'm about to complete my Sr. Capstone where you pretty much practice in the role of the RN for a number of shifts. I plan to give my preceptor a thank you card, but should I give her a thank you letter instead, this way she can put this in her professional portfolio? Also, I would like to that the charge RN for the unit for allowing me to perform my clinical on that floor. I was wondering if this would be doing too much. Should I also get a small gift for my preceptor or no. Thanks for your feedback in advance.:cool:

When I had a summer externship, I gave my preceptor a thank-you card with a gift certificate to Target. I think gift cards are always appropriate, especially to stores where they can buy anything.

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The hospital where I served my nursing-school preceptorship had a program for recognition of exceptional staff (nominations go in the nominee's personnel file, and every month a selection of "winners" are recognized in the hospital newsletter). I wrote a nomination for my preceptor. I also ordered a small bakery basket for the whole unit, with a thank-you card to all attached.

Gifts for exceptional units were kind of a tradition of our nursing program. We had an awesome floor for Med-Surg 1, so at the end of the rotation we all chipped in and brought a potluck lunch for the whole unit. Likewise, on L&D we brought in baked goods and thank-you cards. We never spent more than $50, but we always managed to do something nice for the units that hosted us.

I think you're doing the right thing with a small thank-you to your preceptor. I also like HaikuCatLady's idea of a gift card. Target is always a good option, likewise Starbucks or wherever else your preceptor might go for treats. :)

The hospital I'm at now doesn't allow staff to accept gifts worth monetary value from anyone (venders, patients, anyone). Check with your hospital's policy before you spend money on gift cards. A thank you letter and a basket full of homebaked cookies would be a great idea (and who doesn't like cookies?!). :D