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Applying while working on BSN?


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I am going to call the school to get an answer from them as well, I'm just curious if anyone else has done this.

General question. If I am working on my RN-BSN this year while getting my ICU experience and will have it by Fall 2008, can I apply to schools that start their program in January 2009 before I actually get my degree?

The application deadline is February 2008 for early admissions and July 2008 for late admissions. I won't have the BSN or the experience at the time of the application. By the time the program starts in Jan 2009, I will have 1.5 years ICU experience and my BSN, I just won't have it by the application deadline.

Barry University in Miami is my #1 school. I've seen some posts from people in their program, anyone got in this way or from other schools?

Most schools require you to be through with your BSN coursework prior to the application deadline, being as how the programs are so competetive.


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Hey Justin, did you find out the answer to your question. I was wandering the same thing.

JustinTJ, ADN, BSN

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Seems that Barry will let you in as long as you have the experience at the time you start, but I was told you have to be a "above-average" applicant. I'm going to get the full load, CCRN, etc to wow them.

Granted this is for a few years down the road, but I'm a planner.

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