Applying for Transfer to Mills Spring 2011!

Nursing Students Pre-Nursing


So i am applying to transfer to Mills this spring for their pre-nursing program to get into Samuel Merritt's RN program.

I wanted to know if anyone else is applying too or if anyone else who has gotten in has any advice for me!!

I actually got accepted into Mills for their Political, Legal, and economic analysis back when I graduated from high school in 2005.

I was accepted into a lot of schools (UCD, UCSB, UCR, UCSC, UCI, and UOP's accelerated law program) but I didn't feel mature enough and didn't know what I wanted to do yet. I got distracted with moving around, working, taking care of a cousin, beating ovarian cancer, and getting married.

I want to know my chances because I am worried they will look down at the fact that I rejected them back in the day.

This Fall is my first semester back in school and I am taking some medical language class, intro to biology, life span development, and nutrition. So far I have been doing great in my classes and getting A's in everything.

I know Mills doesn't want you to do no more than 30 units at a CC and I am pretty much planning on going in with only 12 units done (there is no min to transfer). I have a feeling they will base it more on my grades in high school and my old SAT scores. (I had a 3.65 GPA in HS and scored in the 1200's on the SAT) I am so nervous about getting letters of rec from my current instructors because they barely know me and I feel like it's gonna be so hard to get them to do me this grand favor.

I am so nervous but so excited! I know it's expensive but I have a lot of support from my husband. I don't want to wait around at a CC to get an Associates degree, I want a BSN so that I can some day look into getting my MSN to work in oncology!!! I was so inspired by the nurses who administered my chemo that I know I finally found what I want to do!

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