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Hi everyone! I'm currently a critical care nurse with 8 years of experience. I am applying to the USAF. The recruiter tells me it is pretty competitive and I can see from everyone's posts this is true. Can anyone offer suggestions for getting your application to be considered? I'm obtaining my CCRN, have done charge nurse and preceptorships in the past but I do not have any volunteer work or published articles. I am working on fixing that now though.

Any suggestions for myself and others would be appreciated!


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Specializes in MICU/STICU. Has 2 years experience.

I am also applying for 2015; for CRNA first, and if that does not work out, then as a critical care RN. 2 years MICU and level 1 TICU experience, CCRN. From what my recruiter has explained to me, where you have experience from holds weight, credentialing, and interview as well are also key factors. It does seem though that everyone has the same general appearance on paper, if not more appealing, which is nerve wrecking!

Good luck to you in your process. Hopes of smooth sailing for all of us starting this journey!


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I know the Army is always lloking for critical care nurses, especially ICU nurses. Get in touch with a nursing recruiter (not a regular recruiter) to get answers. You should have one for your region. should get you there within a few clicks. Good luck!