over applying?


:typing:typingIn Southern Cali... is it a possibility to apply to 10 nursing programs at the same time? You know we have a hard

time getting in, I've narrowed it down to 10 I can apply to in the Fall and another 10 once I finish additional

classes. Just wondering from those of you are applying or have been accepted. Thanks


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I am doing pretty much what you are doing. The more the merry! I am trying to better my odds of getting in somewhere. I live in SOCAL too. What schools have you applied to thus far?

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I haven't applied yet because I am doing my pre reqs. First I'm applying to the

six schools that need Anatomy, Physio & Micro. Then I'm going to continue with

classes so I can apply to the others that need Psych 1, 41, Speech & Socio.

So I did the math for the first 6 ... If there are 600 applicants and forty spots

then we have a 30% chance of getting into one of them. Still really surprising...

I have a list somewhere but it's not reachable right now. So hopefully your

going to get into in the Fall? Which pre reqs have you done?


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Hey, I'm also doing the same mainly because my undergrad GPA isn't as competitive as most of the ones I've seen listed in this forum. I'm aiming for all As in my prereqs though.. I intend to finish most of them this fall to begin a program next year.


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I am also applying to a number of schools in Southern Ca. I am applying to accelerated BSN and entry level masters programs and some community colleges.

So far I have only applied to one school and have an interview with them.

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