Applying for spring cohorts


I was actually in a nursing program back in 2011, but due to youthful stupidity and stubbornness, and medical conditions I tired to power through (see: stupidity and stubbornness), it did not go well and I ultimately ended up having to return to my home state and regroup. By the time the dust had settled, my GPA from that school had gone from a 3.4 to a 2.9. When I found out I wouldn't be able to go back and repeat the quarter I didn't pass like I'd previously hoped, I ended up finishing out a public health degree locally. Had grown up a fair amount in that year off and finished that out with a 3.66, even with sickness, injury, and multiple deaths in the family.

Now I'm wanting to finally go back for the BSN, and am wondering if I even have a chance anywhere. While I have the 3.6 graduating from one institution, there's still the smoking crater of a 2.9 transcript from the other that includes a previous nursing attempt. Have done a few things to try and help the situation (Worked as a QMAP/Caregiver/CNA for a few years, have my EMT-B cert), but not sure those will be enough to really make up for it all.

So I guess I'm wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation, and how it worked out/if you all have any advice.

TL;DR - young and stupid me dragged GPA at one school to a 2.9, transferred to finish a Public Health Bachelor's and managed to graduate there with a 3.66. Probably won't be pretty when averaged out. Wondering if I have a chance/what I can do.

Thanks for your time, and apologies for the ramble. I suppose anxiety does not lend itself to brevity.