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Applying to South Alabama

by RNtoBe2017 RNtoBe2017 (Member)

Hey everyone!

I'm applying to University of South Alabama's Traditional Nursing Program for Fall 2015 cycle. Just checking in to see if anyone else is applying for the same program in the Fall. I believe the deadline is April 1st so I definitely wanted to make sure that I started the application cycle early. I don't know much about the program except for what I read online but I believe it is a great school considering the facts that I read on the Alabama board of nursing website. They have a high passing rate for their school which is important to me when I choose a school to attend. I'm really excited about this process and I REALLLYYY hope that I get into the school!! Whoever wants to join we can share updates about interview letters and acceptance letters and any other information about the application process or school that we want to share!

I applied for the Fall as well! I haven't heard of any updates though. I've seen on other forums that we will receive letters 6-8 weeks following the deadline.