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Applying for NJ License from PA via Reciprocity -- When should I visit the BON?

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Hi everyone! I'm a new grad nurse that is currently looking for some advice regarding the reciprocity process for obtaining my NJ nursing license. I went to a nursing program in PA and took my NCLEX there, reason being was that the paperwork was much easier to process and obtain an ATT for in-state students. However, I am a NJ resident that is planning on starting a job this fall in the state on a unit I was on previously as a tech. My nurse manager and I are currently in discussion about when I can start but it has been difficult giving her an exact answer due to the unclear timeline with my license paperwork.

I have gone through all of the necessary steps with filling out my license application, including uploading the necessary supplementary documents and forwarding my transcripts/existing license verification to the NJ Board of Nursing. My finger printing appointment is scheduled for next Saturday (August 26 at 11:30am).

After browsing a few older posts related on this site, I am under the impression that many people have had success in visiting the actual office of the NJ Board of Nursing in Newark in person and obtaining a license number on the spot/had their paperwork processed rather quickly. Do you think that it would be practical for me to visit the NJ Board in Newark the following week (most likely either the next Wednesday August 30 or Thursday August 31?). I don't really have a gauge as to how the electronic fingerprinting takes to process so I hope that I won't be too early.

If anyone is able to help me out or provide some type of clarification about this process, especially with visiting the NJ Board in person, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks again, and I hope to join all of you in the working world in the very near future! :)


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The NJ Board of Nursing is a rather small department with a few people working. You should give them a few weeks to process your fingerprints before calling to check on the status of your application. If you do not live relatively close to Newark you may be wasting time by showing up so soon after getting your finger prints.

I know people that have taken anywhere from 2 months to 3 months to receive a NJ license.

cpcrna260, BSN, RN

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Hey everyone! So for any of those who were wondering what happened with my license, the processing for my electronic fingerprints and background check was very quick (I got fingerprinted on Saturday and had results in by Tuesday morning, other friends of mine had similar experiences with the fast turnaround as well). After that, the result of your background check will be marked "complete" on the application checklist, leaving only your actual application itself left up for review. If that is the case, go to the NJ State Board of Nursing Office in person and obtain your license number on the spot (while it is true that they only have a small amount of people working in that office, the office has all of the paperwork laid out for you to get status updates on your license when you walk in, just bring your drivers license/state ID to get into the building). I went in on Thursday morning at 9am when they opened and walked out with a license number 10 minutes later. So for anyone that is running into similar issues, if all of your background checks and everything are in and the only thing left is your application itself, save yourself the headache and take that trip up to Newark if you can! I live an hour away, but it was definitely worth going there in person as opposed to waiting weeks to months for things to process on their own.


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How long did you wait for your nursing verification from PA?


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