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Applying to Jobs In the Time of COVID


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Hey all, I'm a new grad RN/BSN and like everything else, the nursing job market is being seriously impacted by COVID. Only one of our main city hospitals has lifted the hiring freeze, but RN jobs are only being posted at the rate of a few a week, and many require experience.

I want to go into the ED but at this point I am open to almost any hospital options. My question is, will it look bad if I apply to multiple jobs within the same hospital? I've applied to 6 or 7 so far, all within the critical care realm so my goals look consistent, but I might start looking at med-surg if I continue to not hear back. I know there are many, many factors that will make it harder for me to get a job as a new grad right now, I just want to make sure my number of apps won't be one of them. Thank you guys!!

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No it doesn’t look bad at all. Most new grads apply to multiple positions anyway to make sure they have options (or at the very least....just a job). During a pandemic.....and as a new grad.....it actually shows you are proactive and demonstrating your willingness to take any job to get the nursing experience under your belt.