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Applying to inpatient hospice

Hey all

I'm a relatively new LPN (1 year) working on my RN in January. A FT overnight (12 hr shifts) position at our local 8 bed hospice is open and I have an in. I became a nurse with the intention to work in hospice so I am absolutely thrilled by the opportunity. Any pointers that might give me an upper hand in the selection/interview process? Having an in means only that my application will be looked at. I'm in LTC with med-surge experience also as a PCT. Thanks!


Has 20 years experience.


Find some sources/resources to read/review/familiarize yourself with hospice if you aren't already. Hospice is unique in its setting and you have to be able to be empathetic, know S/S of dying, know the what-to-says/what-not-to-says etc. Sometimes, actually often, they are willing to train people who are open-minded, because you have no preconceived notions. Mention how trainable you are and willing to learn. Be sure to have any questions or concerns that you may have already written down, and make a point of knowing the organization's values and missions in advance. Speak of how your own values and life missions may align with theirs.

Palliative nursing, especially in an ipu is for symptom control. It's all about support and symptom control. When I'm on an interview, I provide the interviewer with information they are not allowed to ask. This has always provided me with a job offer. I'm an older nurse-we don't travel-I'm a homebody. I work extra shifts. I'm all about being s team player. You will get the job


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