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I'm in the process of applying to CRNA school in Texas and Tennessee. I am currently an RN with 1.3 years experience in a 12-bed cardiothoracic surgical ICU. I started recovering open hearts 3 months ago and love it. I was wondering if any CRNAs had any advice on preparation for CRNA school. I also wondered if you have any tips on how to write a good essay for entrance into CRNA school; for example, defining characteristics, qualities, philosophies that make a good CRNA etc. I have many other questions regarding the application process, but I'll limit myself now. My hospital does not use CRNAs therefore, I have few resources. Thanks for your response.

Bigwalldave The School Know That You Are First And Foremost A Professional...hardworking,disciplined, Persistent Are Good Qualities As Well....really Bone Up On Your Cv, Resp And Nervous Sytem-you'll Need It...also Organic And Biochem Shoul;d Be Fresh In Your Memory As Well...hope To Se You One Day In Tx....$$$ There!!


The best advice I can give you is to check out nilepoc's message at the beginning of this message board. Also, when you are writing your essay with your entrance application, whatever question or topic they give you to write about make an effort to talk about yourself in the essay. Of course they want to see what kind of writer you are but they mainly want to see what makes you tick. For instance, my topic on my application was "write a 500 word essay on something of a clinical nature within your chosen area of study". I have never heard of a more general question!!! So, I chose to write about the overwhelming involvement of CRNAs within their association (the AANA) and how they look out for themselves both politically and legally. I then sort of "morphed" the essay into talking about my experiences with officiating hockey and how we looked out for our best interests with our ice hockey official's association. I was complemented on how I used the essay in order to talk about my opinions on the value of having a strong organizing body working for your profession and about the interesting example I used. Also, it spoke volumes about the type of person I was, and about how I cared about more than just having a good job an making a good wage. Remember, the people who interview you want to know about what makes you special and a good fit for the program. They do not want to know about the difference between using sevoflurane v. desflurane for a certain surgery or the M & M of emergency trauma surgery, for example.

I hope this helps...


...also, was asked "what was the last journal article you read?" ...have something to quote about an anesthesia journal article...

mention any groups or organizations you where involved in during undergrad., they like to hear that you are flexible, work well under stress, and can take charge of a situation,ie running codes

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